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Microsoft Introduces An Affordable Classroom Pen For Students And Teachers To Use On Windows Laptops

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With online education becoming more prominent, the need for digital tools has increased tremendously. In the education sector, teachers require a more sophisticated way to properly explain concepts of their subjects than just a simple mouse hence Microsoft has taken the step to introduce a pen or stylus called the ‘Classroom Pen 2’ which will allow teaches and students to enhance better engagement in the classroom.

The company had launched its first Classroom Pen back in 2019 before the pandemic came about and was sold for $39.99. This includes compatibility with all sorts of Windows-powered devices.

Seeing the situation of the education sector during this pandemic globally, the company decided to introduce an improved version of the previous model and lower down the price. Microsoft mentions that the new device has a longer enclosure to optimize for grip strength.

This will allow teachers to explain their student’s various concepts better as if they were explaining them on a board and this even extends to students who want to draw diagrams or take notes. The company has mentioned that this pen will work with most Windows devices as it’s tailored for the classroom.

The Classroom Pen 2 will be available on April 27th and costs $19.99 which is approximately 3,067,47 in PKR. Despite Microsoft lowering the price tag, it is still a device that teachers and students can’t be expected to invest through their own budget. The main question here is will our education sector fund for such devices to enhance education in our country?

Written by Usman Aslam
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