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Microsoft Paint Might Soon Get AI Features on Windows 11

Written by Abdullah Shahid ·  1 min read >
Microsoft Paint
Microsoft Paint users on Windows 11 might soon be able to use AI features such as ‘text to image’ to generate a canvas

Microsoft has been bullish on AI integration, finding all possible AI use cases, now even starting to integrate AI features into Microsoft Paint, it’s simple, fun and powerful graphics editor which has been used to create artworks and even edit or color pictures.

Available solely on the Windows 11 version of Microsoft Paint, the AI features will give users some amazing abilities such as generating a canvas by simply writing a text prompt.

Windows Central, a premium news site for news related to Microsoft, suggests that the AI feature being integrated into Microsoft Paint will be powered by the same technology used in Bing’s Image Creator, which is an AI tool that generates pictures based on text descriptions.

Images of the unreleased feature shows a “Magic Paint” button, placed along the sidebar, allowing users to generate an image and move it to the canvas for editing.

AI Tools in Photos, Camera, and the Snipping Tool

Pedaling hard to win the AI race, Microsoft is also planning to release AI features on some other Windows applications as well. List includes Photos, the Camera app, and the Snipping Tool.

Microsoft Photos application might get an AI feature which identifies people or objects in a photo and allows users to cut and paste them to other areas of the image.

The Snipping tool and the Camera app, according to Windows Central, will be laced with an optical character recognition (OCR) technology, allowing both apps to identify text in photos or screenshots, essentially making it possible for users to copy information from these files.

While a fixed date has not been announced yet, however, considering Microsoft’s recent rate of release, we can expect it to be fast.


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