MP-Based IT Company Sends Reminders To Staff To Leave For Home After Working Hours

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A Madhya Pradesh-based IT company has devised an idea to prevent its employees from working late.
HR specialist Tanvi Khandeval shared the idea that the company cares for its employees and the step has been taken to maintain a work-life balance.

As we know, many employees at the workplace feel very difficult to stay back after working hours as everyone wants to rush home after the time gets over. Working late and having no time for personal engagements can easily harm a person’s mental health.

Many people have tried to argue with upper management to stop the policy of staying back after working hours, but only a few have come out victorious.

IT Firm Send Reminders To Employees To Leave For Home After Working Hours

A Madhya Pradesh IT company has suggested reducing the policy of staying back and doing the work after office hours.

HR specialist Tanvi Khandeval shared how her company sends alarms and helps employees maintain their work life.

In addition, she shared an image on her screen with a reminder that says, “Warning!! Your shift time is over. The office system will shut down in 10 mins. Please go home”.

However, she also explained, “Our employer is so caring about employees and supports # WorkLifeBalance. This reminder helps complete our tasks on time and locks the desktop after business hours and issues a warning”.

She remarked, “This is not a promotional and imaginary post. This is the reality of our office!! Soft Grid Computers”.

As an employee, she was in favor of her company, and employees there feel good working under such a professional boss. She clarifies how the company wants its employees not to attend any calls, messages, or emails outside working hours. Though, it’s pretty uncommon in most corporate offices.

She also said, “isn’t this fantastic? So, if you are working in this culture, you do not need any Monday Motivation or Fun Friday to improve your mood!”

In addition, she also said that “this is a reality of our office!! Yes, we believe in flexible working hours and a happy environment in this era. Cheers to all of us!!”

Some People Felt That This Policy Give Stress To Them

People in a company have mixed reactions to this policy. While some are in favor of this rule, some people feel it gives them a burden.

According to one employee, ” I love your work culture,” while another thought, “this is reverse psychology which will create pressure to meet deadlines early.”

In one’s opinion, the idea would not work as well in practice, ” as others mentioned, this thing should not be forced. Instead, the company and stakeholders must adapt to maintaining an excellent work-life balance. This is a wrong decision by your company”.

Another employee said, “this would stress me out!!! I Amy be just finishing up a project or an email and got locked out. Set the culture for work-life balance and let staff decide for themselves what they want”.

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