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NCCPL Creates Mobile App For Investor Verification

Written by Senoria Khursheed ·  1 min read >

The National Clearing Company Of Pakistan (NCCPL) has introduced a new mobile app, “NCC Bio Verify”, to ease biometric verification.
This new advanced application allows investors to perform biometric verification using their smartphones. The app is accessible everywhere, no matter which city or village you are in.
However, the app is available at Google Playstore and Apple Playstore for Android and Apple users, respectively.
The latest advanced seamless API connection with the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) for CNIC verification and with RAAST for IBAN verification is one of the changes to the current customer onboarding process.
Therefore, due to the latest and modern technology, the customer will get the One Time Password (OTP) in just a few minutes instead of waiting 2-3 hours.


According to NCCPL, the initiative will enhance the onboarding experience for capital market investors by facilitating and providing greater mobility and convenience to its precious, valuable customers.

Moreover, investors can enjoy a more streamlined and efficient account-opening process because of the latest technology, further improving Pakistan’s capital market ecosystem.

NCCPL has taken the initiative to enhance and simplify the online account opening process for investors in the capital market.

Moreover, the main aim of this project is to increase the influence of technological improvements and make business more user-friendly for investors.

Hence, NCCPL is pleased to announce the launch of the new technology, which is exclusively for capital market investors to view details in a user-friendly mode with a graphical display.

However, users can view their registration details, summarizes and detailed trading information, CHT details and other National Custodial Service (NCS) activities.

This application lets investors view all the necessary information on their mobile screens and tablets.
The successful launch of the Android market application is also available for Apple users to enjoy account opening in just a few clicks.

The new app will facilitate its valued customers empowering them with the quickest piece of information by keeping transparency intact.

Mr Shafiq Ur Rehman, chief information officer at NCCPL, said this is yet another step towards developing investor confidence in the capital market.

In addition, he also said that the proper use of technology would lead us to a strengthened market and help attract potential investors bringing more liquidity.

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