Opera One AI Browser Makes Browsing Faster, Features ChatGPT Integration

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Opera has launched a new browser that features an AI chatbot 

Opera One has an updated interface with customizable elements 

As per experts, Opera One beats Microsoft Edge and Safari

A new browser hits the market that uses generative artificial intelligence could be a productivity game-changer. Opera One, the latest iteration of the Opera browser, has been launched by the company to provide faster browsing and downloads for desktop and Android devices.

Goran Luledzija, CEO of the web software company, stated,” This new entrant to the browser market is loaded with features designed to improve your online experience.”

In addition, he also said, “It has an integrated VPN, which is a real plus if you are big on privacy. An in-built blocker ensures a smoother, ad-free surfing experience. And here is something unique: it has a handy sidebar where you can quickly access tools and social media platforms: a multitasker’s dream”.



However, the browser is the 100th iteration of Opera, as the company wanted to create and embed it with the latest generative AI technology integrated into the design. It gives options to users to launch OpenAI’s chatGPT directly from the sidebar or choose to use Opera’s new Aria AI interface that blends chatGPT with love and up-to-date results from the web.

Joanna Czajka elaborates on the company’s approach by saying:

As people who obsess over browser innovation, we saw fit to rethink the role of the browser in light of the recent developments in the AI space. Compared to other browser companies, Opera did not simply add AI services to its browser. We went back to the drawing board and redesigned our flagship browser. OperaOne is built around Aria, our native browser AI and is the culmination of our work so far”.

In addition, instead of accessing it from the sidebar, Aria can also be used directly from a command line by using the ctrl+/(Win) or the Cmd+/keyboard shortcut to generate an overlay of Aria and instantly interact with it.

Users have an option to directly access it from the sidebar or carry on browsing to get the AI responses. If users choose, they can opt out of using either Aria or chatGPT for a standard browsing experience.

To better manage the browsing experience, Opera One also adds new Tab islands feature for grouping related tabs. The new feature also aims to make it easier for users to switch between tasks.

Additionally, the feature works automatically. For instance, if a user plans a trip and looks into hotels and routes, those tabs will be gathered in a new Tab Island.

As we expect a new advanced browser for a new browser rebuilt from the ground up, Opera says, “There are a lot of recent under-the-hood changes that speed up the browsing experience as well. The technique includes a new browsing architecture and a multi-thread compositor, all built on the open-source Chromium browser base. Opera One is a free Mac, Windows, and Linux download.

Tech expert Marusic said Opera is unique among all browsers, including many features such as an ad-blocker, tracker blocker, and VPN.

“This integration saves sisters from relying on third-party extensions and enhances the overall browsing experience.”

In addition, “Opera One is also easy on the eyes. The browser provides a clean d, intuitive user interface, enabling users to navigate and access features easily.”

“The customizable start page and sidebar provide additional convenience and personalization options.”

Another tech expert, Lee Fraser, states that “your browser should be based on your needs. Users who prioritize privacy might find Safari or Opera One more appealing”.

“Opera One, with its unique features, could be a strong contender for users wanting a browser that integrates various tools and services for a more streamlined web experience.”

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