Tesla’s New Factory Can Build Cars In Under A Minute

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The biggest EV giant Tesla has unveiled a Giga Lab concept in China, the latest retail model planned to showcase its manufacturing prowess. The Giga factory lets car enthusiasts chat while watching an automated system build the Tesla Model 3 in 45 seconds.

According to Tesla, the store’s interior “imitates the Shanghai Giga factory and shows the manufacturing process of Tesla vehicles, and customers can feel the hardcore beauty of Tesla. Tesla’s main aim is to increase engagement with the new store in this Asian market, with multiple players vying to capture a significant market share in the EV market.

The retail establishment displays battery and powertrain components to motivate the customers towards the model. The Shanghai Tesla Giga Factory will have produced 1 million electric vehicles by 2022. The company plans to build its new pouch cells in Texas and Shanghai. At the same time, Tesla’s shorter-range electric vehicles use pouch cells with an LFP formula instead of cylindrical cells.


However, the new Giga factory lab focuses on the needs of physical stores in markets with high EV demand to boost engagement. Tesla’s retail and service locations have multiplied from 1,000 to 2,000.

In addition, the automaker wants to sell its EVs directly to customers online. According to this argument, customers are liable to pay less quickly. Tesla has been forced by the escalating EV competition to develop new strategies to maintain its marketing campaigns and ensures good orders.

A Compelling Offer For Visitors

The Giga factory store offers visitors to communicate and gain complete confidence about how Tesla makes Model 3 in just 45 seconds using an automated system.

Amidst finished models of Tesla Model 3, a robotic arm does wonders of assembling various panels on a Tesla Model 3’s frame to give customers a complete idea of how the cars are made in its Giga factory in Shanghai.

On the other hand, Tesla cars are parked inside the Giga Lab, providing visitors with a firsthand experience of the vehicles. In addition, the automakers also explain the features and functions inside the EVs.

 A Growing Focus On the Physical Retail Model

With the new Giga model, Tesla is signaling the significance of possessing a physical chain of stores to drive-up engagement in Markets depicting high demand for EVs. Whereas, since 2000, Tesla’s physical sites have doubled from 1,000 locations worldwide.

As the competition is growing rapidly in the EV market, Tesla is constantly trying to upgrade its system and EVs to satisfy their customers.

The company says y Tesla finds ways to address the growing concerns over quality and, more importantly, the safety of its vehicles and self-driving software.


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