Opera rolls out a new mobile browser for one-handed use

Written by Talha Saqib ·  1 min read >

Opera Touch is the newly launched mobile browser from Opera that packs some exciting features in it. The new browser takes some inspiration from Opera Neon but is primarily designed to improve the user experience and for that, it makes itself entirely usable with just one hand.

The browser makes it possible through a new Fast Action Button that resides at the center bottom of the screen. Once the user taps and holds the button, it pops up some options like switching tabs, going back or reloading the page, making it fast and easy for the user to browse the web by not dragging the finger all the way to the display’s top and actually allowing him to single-handedly use almost all the basic functionalities.

Maciej Kocemba, product manager at Opera, said on the announcement, “We have moved the browser’s key functions within your thumb’s reach. This means that, unlike in most other browsers, you can more easily browse and search the web when on the move.”

Opera Touch claims to provide the instant searching as it always opens up with the search field and keyboard activated so that the user can just dive straight in. Interestingly, the browser has a built-in ad blocking system along with a cryptojacking protection that ensures that nobody secretly uses your device for the crypto mining.

One main feature the new browser includes is merging the computer with the mobile phone without setting up an account for it. Instead, by simply scanning a QR code like you do on WhatsApp. Once both the devices are connected, Opera Touch let the users share the links between the computer and smartphone via a new feature called “Flow”. Which actually does save the time and effort of sending the links through the emails or Facebook messenger, like people normally do.

Speaking of syncing, you can continue doing on your mobile phone what you started on your computer if both the devices are connected.

Opera Touch is currently available for the Android, while the iOS version is yet to come. Also, to properly work with the new browser you must have the latest version of Opera installed on your Windows, Mac or Linux.

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Written by Talha Saqib
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