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Pakistan’s first exclusive content live stream crosses one million mark in 3 days

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Pakistan’s first exclusive content live stream crosses one million mark in 3 days on CricketGateway.Pk.

As a result of 3G and 4G wide availability, the internet penetration has gone over 20% in Pakistan. People are taking internet as an important source for latest news, updates and happenings around the world.

This year, for the first time, PCBs official Media Marketing Right Holders of the HBL PSL, Blitz Advertising successfully launched Pakistan’s first exclusive content live stream (in partnership with ITW and Trans Group) on

The live content source was deeply appreciated by viewers and streamed on different electronics devices ranging from smartphones to laptops to smart televisions. The live stream garnered over 1 million visitors in a record 3-day span. Additionally, the ad inventory was sold and booked at an exceptional price point — 1.8 times greater than the usual market rates. Premiere brands like Pepsi, Nestle, Haier, ABL, Oppo, Shell and over 12 others grabbed the opportunity by booking ad spaces within hours of stream launch.

Digital Rights Management has blocked over 1800 unlicensed streams. The launch of this licensed stream turned into a win-win for both advertisers and subscribers.

While speaking on the exceptional growth and business prospects of the platform, Executive Director of Blitz, Kashif Amin said,

“A major paradigm shift is happening within the media industry of Pakistan, and we intend to lead the charge. With 63% internet penetration in Lahore, live stream content will be King in times to come, and we look forward to exclusive content partnerships with major brands and agencies to establish our foothold as a premier digital content provider in times to come.”

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