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Police Arrests IMEI Changing Mobile Thief in Karachi

Written by Abdullah Shahid ·  48 sec read >
IMEI changing mobile snatcher karachi
Police arrested around six robbers one of which turned out to be a mobile software engineer

In a recent joint operation with the Sir Syed police in Bilal Colony, police arrested around six mobile robbers one of which turned out to be a mobile software engineer. The arrested software engineer is named ‘Atta’ and he is reported to be an expert at altering the International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) numbers in mobile phones.

Main suspects of the robbery cases were Sattar and Deedar, who are apparently famous for performing robbery in their white corolla.

According to police reports, the suspects were caught with pistols, 15 stolen mobile phones, laptops and even a computer.

During the investigation it was revealed that the suspects performed robberies amounting up to Rs 7 million in Sachal.

While mobile phone robberies are quite common in Karachi, changing IMEI numbers on stolen mobile phones isn’t. Most mobile phones that get stolen are disassembled and sold off, but changing the IMEI number makes a mobile phone untraceable and ready to be sold to another user.

As mobile phone robberies notice an upward trend in Karachi, both police and rangers are taking some effective measures against it. Just last week, rangers and police conducted a joint operation in neighborhoods near Kati Pahari.


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