Popular apps are leaving Apple Watch

Written by Asra Rizwan ·  1 min read >
Apple Watch

Popular applications are abandoning the Apple Watch platform and it does not seem to be a good sign after the decline in the number of apps available on Apple Store. Up till now Amazon, Google, Slack, and Twitter have pulled off their Apple Watch version. Instagram has also recently joined the list. These apps bidding farewell to the platform only indicates that they do not consider Apple watch a standalone app platform.

Google suspended its Maps app last year, however, they planned to return to the platform in future. Amazon explained that their app on the smartwatch platform was not being proven to be a right solution for their customers at the given point in time. Instagram was removed as the app would have to configure to WatchOS 2 SDK or later to make it compatible with Apple Watch. However, the company might have decided that the update might not worth their resources and time. Now, Apple Watch app will still receive notifications for Instagram, however, users will have to access the smartphone app to take action.

The Apple Watch, however, still remains to be the most popular smartwatch available. Just last quarter, it sold out over 8 million units. The watch is highly popular amongst consumers but developers are still finding their way to bring the best experience to Apple Watch users. Shrinking apps for a watch screen experience is clearly not the best approach to designing apps for smartwatches. However, the smartwatch is clearly popular as a notification center and a fitness tracker. It also doubles as a productivity tool with calendar alerts, reminders, to-do lists. However, the users have yet to resort to smartphones for using social media apps such as Twitter and Instagram.

The removal of these apps from Apple Watch is not a sign that the platform is failing, but it is evolving. Various of these apps were the first ones to debut on the platform, therefore instead of redesigning they might work on building an entirely new experience for the smartwatch users.

Written by Asra Rizwan
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