PTA asked to extend the deadline for mobile phones registration

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The Senate Standing Committee on Information Technology has asked Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) to postpone the October 20th deadline for the new phone registration systems over concerns of the system being too complicated, reports Dawn.

Senator Rubina Khalid indicated that the new system is an overwhelming process, that is proving difficult for the public to understand. While user-friendliness of the system remains a challenge. She said,

“This system is too confusing for the literate to wrap their heads around. We cannot imagine how the illiterate will understand it.”

Senator Mian Muhammad Ateeq Shaikh believes the system will majorly favor the telecom industry and not particularly the consumers of the technology. He told PTA that he will pursue the Supreme Court of Pakistan to take a sou moto action if the deadline was not extended.

However, PTA Chairman Muhammad Naveed informed the committee that it was not possible to extend the deadline. He said,

“Months of hard work and millions of dollars have been invested in this new system. The system was launched in May and several deadlines have been extended since then.”

In May, PTA launched Devices Identification, Registration and Blocking Regulation System (DIRBS) to block stolen, smuggled and duplicated mobile phones. The new system uses the distinct IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number of each device, along with other parameters, to help in identifying, monitoring and regulating such devices. The IMEI of illegal or smuggled devices will be reported to the cellular companies and other concerned bodies and will be blocked later by PTA.

Last week, PTA announced that the system will kickstart its functions from October 20th, after which all unregistered mobile phones will be blocked. If you still have checked the status of your phone with PTA, check out our guide to register with DIRBS.

Written by Asra Rizwan
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