PTA Taxes On iPhone Series (Updated June)

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If you are willing to buy an iPhone, knowing the actual prices, including PTA taxes, is essential before buying it. Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has announced a revised tax value for iPhone 14 Series.

As we know,iPhone has become very expensive, and everyone wants to keep an iPhone in their pockets. As we know, professionals and business people always want to keep an iPhone, a luxurious and high-tech handset.

Previously, the government constantly increased the prices of iPhones and imposed heavy duty on them. The buyers were unhappy with the decision, and a massive decline was noticed in purchasing iPhones. This time the government has announced a revised tax value for iPhone 14 Series.

A notable decline of about 10 to 20% in taxes has been declared on all the iPhone 14 Series, including iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 14 plus, and Pro Max, with huge differences ranging from Rs9,074 -Rs 31,562(on passport) and Rs 29,832 -Rs 34,901 (on CNIC).

In addition, the amount of tax on iPhone 14 has faced a massive decline in its PTA taxes. It has declined from Rs 134,825 to Rs 125,751 (on passport), whereas the tax on CNIC has met a significant fall from Rs 160,958 to Rs 131,126.

However, you can now purchase iPhone 14 Pro,iPhone 14 Plus, and Pro Max at highly reduced rates. The new tax announced by the government is the most exciting news for iPhone 14 users having non-PTA-approved devices.


Here you can easily witness the differences on each iPhone 14 model in the table below:

iPhone 14 PTA Tax On Passport

iPhone Model New Tax Old Tax Difference
iPhone 14 Pro Max Rs. 127,068 Rs. 158,630 Rs. 31,562
iPhone 14 Pro Rs. 127,000 Rs. 149,775 Rs. 22,775
iPhone 14 Plus Rs. 125,751 Rs. 140,575 Rs. 14,824
iPhone 14 Rs. 125,751 Rs. 134,825 Rs. 9,074

iPhone 14 PTA Tax On CNIC

iPhone Model New Tax Old Tax Difference
iPhone 14 Pro Max Rs. 152,242 Rs. 187,143 Rs. 34,901
iPhone 14 Pro Rs. 145,801 Rs. 177,403 Rs. 31,602
iPhone 14 Plus Rs. 131,126 Rs. 167,283 Rs. 36,157
iPhone 14 Rs. 131,126 Rs. 160,958 Rs. 29,832

It’s fantastic news for those planning to get the latest iPhone 14, now could be the perfect time.

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority is the regulatory authority responsible for collecting PTA tax on iPhones and other mobile devices. The tax is calculated based on the mobile device values and applies to all imported mobile devices. However, the end consumer pays the tax and is included in the final price of the device.

The PTA taxes has multiple impacts on businesses, consumers, and the economy. The tax imposed by the government makes the handsets more expensive than their actual cost. The taxes imposed by the government has negatively impacted business, particularly those involved in importing and selling iPhones in Pakistan.

Alas, the PTA taxes have badly affected the purchasing power of consumers as well. The high rate of taxes applies to all imported mobile devices. Customers always wanted to reduce taxes to make iPhones more affordable for the average consumer.
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