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Rare Apple Sneakers With Vintage Rainbow Logo on Sale For $50,000

Avatar Written by Abdullah Shahid ·  1 min read >
Described to be “one of the most obscure in existence”, the rare sneakers were custom-made for employees during the 1990s

We often see shoe collectors paying thousands of dollars for a pair of the latest sneakers from Nike or Adidas, but it seems like Apple is catching up in the shoe industry as well, with its rare Apple rainbow logo sneaker on sale at an auction for $50,000.

Custom built for employees during the 1990s, the shoes were given away at a conference and were never sold to any customers.

Built similar to any regular pair of white leather jogging shoes, the Apple sneakers have a simple “standout detail” and that is the two discontinued rainbow colored Apple logos, both on its tongue and the side.

Described to be “one of the most obscure in existence”, the sneakers are box-packed but are known to have a little yellowing around their corners.

Available in the US size 10.5 and European size 41, the Apple sneaker box will also include an alternative pair of red laces.

Selling for $50,000, these Apple sneakers are now added into the list of hundreds of Apple memorabilia items, which thanks to collector demand, has been skyrocketing in its value.

Recently an Apple collector auctioned his first edition, unopened 4GB iPhone, selling it for a record $190,000.

Collectors go as far as buying relics from Apple founder ‘Steve Jobs’ life; Bought items include a poem he wrote back in a classmate’s high school yearbook, his college photos and even some of his business cards.

Would you be willing to buy these Apple sneakers for $50,000? Let us know in the comments down below.


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