Older Samsung Galaxy S7 is still better than iPhone 8, says Consumer Reports

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Consumer Reports, an organization famous for bringing out consumer-centric reports for different products, released a new report comparing the latest smartphones.

In the report, the testing organization awarded the same calculated score to this year’s flagship from Apple and the last year’s Samsung S7, but mentioned that the S7 will still make for a better choice for the consumers.

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As far as the report’s best rated smartphones are concerned, Consumer Reports awarded the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus a score of 81 out of a perfect 100. This was the highest score received by any smartphone this year. For the second spot, Consumer Reports had more than one smartphones. The recently announced iPhone 8 and Samsung Galaxy S7 both were able to grab a score of 80. The testing organization, however, further mentioned that when put against each other the Samsung S7 should still beat the iPhone 8.

The report mentioned that Samsung Galaxy S7 offered better handset capabilities as compared to the iPhone 8. It further said that the Samsung Galaxy S7 had better call quality too. Moreover, the battery timing of the last year’s S7 was also found to be better than iPhone 8.

Consumer Reports is one of the most trusted testing organization which takes out product reports considering a general consumer’s point of view and the usage experience. It should be noted that the Apple’s best smartphone from this year hasn’t yet been made available in the public markets. It might make a top standing in this report considering that it has a lot of new features.

As far as the iPhone 8 is concerned, there have been mixed views about the popularity of the smartphone. Reports said that the Apple Stores failed to attract crowds on the occasion of the iPhone 8 launch. The reports also say that the iPhone X essentially was cannibalizing the sales of iPhone 8.

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