Anglo-US Group Completes Test Flight Of Propeller Aircraft Powered By Hydrogen

Anglo-US Group, an aircraft company, has completed its first test flight of an aircraft. The aircraft is partially run...

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Jan 20 · >

Chinese Researchers Repurpose Air Craft Carrier Ski-Jump Technology For Cheap Hypersonic Space Travel

Chinese Researchers have developed a novel way to launch fighters from aircraft carriers using the conventional Ski-Jump technique. According...

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Dec 15 · >

A Hydrogen Jet Engine’s First Test Run:A Success

Rolls-Royce and European airline easy jet in collaboration successfully tested a hydrogen jet engine. The new project will help...

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Nov 30 · >

Pakistan Has Received the Second Batch Of J-10C Fighterjet From China

Earlier this year, during the government of Imran Khan, Pakistan got its first batch of the powerful J-10C from...

Sep 20 · >

Pakistan Is Buying $450 Million Worth F-16 Equipment From US

The US’s State Department has approved a long overdue military deal with Pakistan, involving equipment for the aircraft at...

Sep 8 · >

Argentina’s Top Military Official visits Pakistan to Inspect JF-17 Fighter Jets

General Juan visited Pakistan Aeronautical Complex (PAC) Kamra, where he was briefed on the capabilities of the JF-17 Thunder...

Sep 1 · >

PIA acquires latest fuel-efficient Airbus A320 aircraft

The Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has acquired two A320 aircraft; the first aircraft reached Islamabad on Tuesday morning, while...

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Sep 15 · >

A New Supersonic Airliner will take less than an hour to reach London From New York

A new supersonic commercial airliner was announced on Monday, one that its designer and manufacturer says will reach speeds of...

Mar 30 · >

Argentina considers buying JF-17 Block-III Fighter Jets from Pakistan

The Argentine Air Force is looking to update its fleet of fighter aircraft and seems keen on acquiring JF-17...

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Dec 2 · >

Twitter is becoming Pakistan and India war zone

Balakot Airstrike was merely the starting, the real India and Pakistan war is expanding on Twitter. Earlier this morning,...

Feb 26 · >