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Slack Becomes the Newest Messaging Platform to Get a ChatGPT Integration

Written by Abdullah Shahid ·  55 sec read >
Salesforce, the owner of Slack announced that it is actively working with OpenAI to bring generative artificial intelligence to not just Slack but to the business software industry

Salesforce owned business communication software ‘Slack’ will soon be equipped with some AI superpowers. This announcement comes in after Salesforce said that it is actively working with the creators of ChatGPT, OpenAI, and aims to bring AI technology not just Slack but to the business software industry.

According to Salesforce, it will combine its proprietary AI technology named EinsteinGPT with other partners including OpenAI. This combined AI will then help people using business softwares in different tasks such as generating email drafts, getting customer-account information and even writing computer code.

With Slack finally having a ChatGPT integration, users will be able to summarize long group conversations and know exactly what’s being discussed without having to read through hundreds of messages.

Announcing this new integration, Salesforce becomes one of the many tech companies to step into the AI race by integrating OpenAI products into their applications.

Within months of ChatGPT and generative AI being popular, leading tech companies have raced towards generative AI integrations and are now offering unique AI features.

Clara Shih, a general manager at Salesforce, while talking about the competition in the generative AI field said that “Salesforce’s proprietary data and AI models would help differentiate its offering. Salesforce’s generative AI tools would help companies “completely reimagine how they engage with their customers.”


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