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SpaceX First Moon Flight Will Include a DJ, A YouTuber and a K-POP Singer

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SpaceX dearmoon crew
Named as ‘Dearmoon’, this moon trip crew is created by a Japanese Billionaire and contains 10 creative minds from all over the world

Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa who booked all 8 seats on the first SpaceX moon tour has now announced his crew. Containing 10 creatives from all over the world, the crew includes professions such as a rapper, DJ, Youtuber and even a Bollywood actor.

Some of the most high profile picks in Maezawa’s ‘Dearmoon’ crew includes American DJ Steve Aoki and K-POP artist/Big Bang member TOP.

Scheduled for 2023, this will be the first moon trip ever since the moon landing in 1972. While this SpaceX moon tour won’t be a proper moon landing, the starship however will go as close as 200 kilometers to the moon and circle around it.

The total journey will be around 8 days including both the takeoff and landing time, quite an interesting one for the artists selected from different parts of the world.

The SpaceX starship designed to take the ‘Dearmoon’ crew on their moon trip is currently sitting at a SpaceX facility in Texas. The starship is actually awaiting approval from US regulators and will take off once a green flag is raised.

Mr. Maezawa seems pretty excited and proud of his Dearmoon crew, to reveal the crew he has launched a website and even created a promotional video.

Members of the Dearmoon crew includes (K-pop rapper) TOP, (Dancer and choreographer) Yemi A.D, (Photographer) Rhiannon Adam, (Wildlife photographer) Karim Iliya, (Filmmaker) Brendan Hall, (Bollywood Actor) Dev Joshi, (Youtuber) Tim Dodd, and famous DJ Aoki.

Talking about his crew Mr. Maezawa said that “I hope each and every one will recognize the responsibility that comes with leaving the Earth, travelling to the moon and back.”


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