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Systems Limited hosts AI SYSCON in partnership with TechJuice

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Systems Limited, Pakistan’s premier technology organization, organized “AI SYSCON” in collaboration with TechJuice on 22 November, 2019 at Systems Limited Lahore Campus. The event focused on the latest developments in artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), their effects, and how they benefit business strategy and other domains. You can watch a quick review of the event here.

AI SYSCON showcased the development of predictive analytics in Pakistan and the ways that adopting a predictive analytics solution can benefit enterprise decision-making. It featured presentations, speeches, and panel discussions about predictive AI and its contribution to enhancing business operations.

The event started with the first keynote presentation by Muhammad Sufian, BI Architect at Systems Limited. He outlined various business and operational challenges faced by a particular Systems client and ML can accurately forecast sales in various business scenarios. He further discussed how ML and data analytics can help businesses survive and stay competitive in a highly volatile market. Finally, he mentioned some noteworthy results that Systems’ team has achieved in addition to ML, including:

  • Successfully rolled out a near-real-time data ingestion project on Amazon Web Services (AWS).
  • Implemented Big Data ETL stack on AWS.
  • Transformed a client’s ticketing system with leading search engine technology.

In the second keynote presentation, Dr. Saeed-Ul-Hassan, a renowned AI researcher, data scientist, and founder of ITU Scientometrics Lab, talked about the role of predictive AI and shared his insights into the impact of AI and data analytics in educational technology. He presented a conceptual framework and used the example of virtual learning environments to illustrate ways to achieve success by predicting the behavior of customers or students. He indicated the limitations of AI models, how researchers and developers are working to improve them, and the importance of a stable model for the success of your business.

The guest speaker of the event, Zain Asif – HOD Business Development and Data Analytics at Cybextech, elaborated on the application of Data Science and AI on Predicting Customer Segment Behavior and Helping Businesses Achieve More Sales. He talked about the two tech giants, Facebook and Google and how they use Psychographics and text-based data respectively for their businesses. Basing his argument on these, he explained how companies can apply AI analytics and prediction to better market their products and make more customers interested in their business idea.

Other speakers at the event included Muhammad Tariq, Chief Data Scientist at Visionet Systems, and Habib Ahmad, Head of Data Analytics at Systems Limited The Systems team and external speakers participated in a panel discussion to further discuss the impact of predictive AI and machine learning on Pakistan’s startups and business ecosystem.

In an interactive Q&A activity, panelists responded to questions from the audience. Three members of the audience won prizes for their participation.

About Systems Limited

With a four-decade track record of successful solutions to complex business problems, the Systems group of companies is a global force for digitally driven change. The company enhances the productivity and growth of organizations around the world with a comprehensive range of digital solutions and services.

Watch the presentation on retail inventory forecasting by Muhammad Sufian here.
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