Pakistan’s automobile sector uplifting towards Electrical Evolution

The Government of Pakistan has lately taken a consent towards the electric vehicle policy. Thus the auto sector of...

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Dec 19 ·>

Automotive Sales declined over 44%, as reported by Pakistan Automotive Manufacturers Association

According to the recent report by Pakistan Automotive Manufacturers Association (PAMA), car sales declined over 44.06% on a year-on-year...

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Dec 14 ·>

Ford is all set to develop its next manufacturing site in India

On top of $2 billion, Ford to invest $195 million for a developing a manufacturing site. Ford Motors is...

Nov 8 ·>

The World’s largest fast-charging facility launched for electric cars

The World’s largest DC car fast-charging site with all standard functionality has launched in Norway. The 24/7 facility has...

Sep 5 ·>