Pakistan Telecommunication Authority bans TikTok in Pakistan

According to a spokesperson of the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, all service providers have been directed to block the application...

Mar 12 · >

University in Peshawar forces its students to delete their TikTok accounts

Some people think TikTok has gone too far with its cringeworthy content. Others are oddly content with the platform....

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Feb 12 · >

No more Facebook for Multan Police as CPO orders to uninstall the app

In his efforts to curb the sharing of important details regarding Police operations on social media, the City Police...

Apr 25 · >

YouTube gets banned in one more Islamic country

Egypt’s top court has ordered to temporarily ban YouTube in the country. The video-sharing site has been blocked due...

May 28 · >

Google to ban all cryptocurrency and ICO ads

Back in January, Facebook banned advertisements of cryptocurrencies and ICOs from all crypto exchanges, afterward Twitter started crackdown against...

Mar 14 · >

US bans laptops and tablets on flights from Saudi Arabia, Turkey and many other Muslim countries

The US administration has banned passengers of many Muslim countries from carrying electronic devices on the flight. A UK-based...

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Mar 21 · >