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Intimate details of 3 million Facebook users exposed in this new data leak

According to a report from New Scientist, researchers at the University of Cambridge uploaded user data from 3 million...

May 15 ·>

WhatsApp just added 2 new updates regarding YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram videos

WhatsApp, the most popular messaging application in the world, is adding an amazing feature that will let you play...

May 9 ·>

Is Snapchat being killed by Instagram and Whatsapp?

Since the US-based company, Snap Inc, has introduced its latest controversial and widely-disliked redesign for Snapchat, it has been...

May 7 ·>

Cambridge Analytica shuts down after Facebook scandal

Cambridge Analytica has shut down following allegations about its misuse of Facebook data and the campaign strategies it pitched...

May 3 ·>

This Instagram update makes it easier to upload photos and videos to Stories

Facebook-owned Instagram just announced that it has added some updates that make it faster and easier to upload photos...

Apr 25 ·>

This is how you can download Instagram content offline, thanks to Facebook

Instagram, the Facebook-owned company just copied the most criticised feature of Facebook. Instagram gives users the ability to download...

Apr 25 ·>

WhatsApp just introduced a major update by taunting Facebook

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging application in the world. And recently the company introduced many new...

Apr 25 ·>

1.9 million pieces of ISIS and al-Qaida related content removed, claims Facebook

The largest social network on the planet, Facebook claims that it used the definition to delete 1.9 million pieces...

Apr 24 ·>