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Facebook introduces live gameshows to compete with HQ Trivia

Facebook is known for copying elements that are trending in the public. It acquired Instagram when it saw people...

Jun 20 · >

Facebook introduces its own screen sharing feature

Facebook continues to add new feature after every few weeks. A few days ago, it introduced a food ordering...

Oct 18 · >

Facebook now lets you go Live from computer, adds feature for PC gamers

Facebook is rolling out a feature to broadcast live from the personal computer through a webcam. The social networking...

Mar 23 · >

15 year old girl gang-raped as 40 people watched on Facebook Live, none reported to the Police

A 15 year old girl was sexually assaulted in Chicago and live streamed on Facebook Live. None of the...

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Mar 22 · >

Facebook launches live video streaming for everyone around the world

Facebook is battling the giants of live videos by jumping onto the bandwagon itself. In an official blog post,...

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Apr 6 · >