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Facebook says reliable internet connectivity is critical to Pakistan’s economic development

In an online seminar titled “Urban Connectivity Solutions for an Inclusive Digital Economy” organised by Facebook in collaboration with...

Jun 2 · >

Facebook to enable internet access to 15 million Pakistanis across 8 cities in a landmark “first of its kind” investment

Pakistanis who are forced to adjust to an Internet quality that is one of the worst in South Asia...

May 30 · >

Facebook planning to launch three new projects in Pakistan: Zia Ullah Bangash

Social networking behemoth Facebook has something in the works for Pakistan. The company is reportedly planning to launch three...

Mar 27 · >

Facebook will run only verified political ads in upcoming elections of Pakistan

The CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg gave another official announcement that Facebook will require all political ads on its...

Apr 7 · >

Facebook vows to help Pakistan in upcoming elections of 2018

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook‘s CEO has announced that the company will be using advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and employment of...

Apr 6 · >

Facebook ad campaign now accepts Pakistani Rupees

In a recent update to their promotional ads features, Facebook will now accept payments in Pakistani rupees as well....

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