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Information Ministry’s fake news buster Twitter account gets fabricated in a day

The Ministry of Information and Broadcast launched yesterday, a Twitter account FakeNewsBusterMoIB to curb the spread of misinformation and...

Oct 2 ·>

Twitter suspended 70 million fake accounts in May & June 2018

Twitter has reportedly suspended around 70 million accounts in just two months i.e May and June 2018 in an...

Jul 19 ·>

Facebook launches Pakistan Election Integrity Initiative for Elections 2018

While being aware of the fact that a Cambridge Analytica like scandal has the potential to influence elections in...

Jul 10 ·>
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YouTube allocates $25 million to combat fake news

YouTube announced a $25 million commitment to fighting fake news on its platform. This move is a part of...

Jul 10 ·>

WhatsApp to introduce a new feature to deal with fake posts

The world’s most popular chatting app WhatsApp is reportedly testing a new feature Suspicious Link Detection that helps users...

Jul 9 ·>

WhatsApp is offering $50,000 to researchers to tackle its fake news mess that killed 12 people

Facebook is again in hot waters as the fake news spread from its most widely used messaging platform —...

Jul 6 ·>

Facebook hired the AI team of a UK startup to combat fake news

Facebook announced on 3rd July that it has hired the team behind the startup Bloomsbury AI to cope with...

Jul 4 ·>

Facebook & Twitter introduce new ad transparency tools

Facebook and Twitter have announced some big changes in order to ensure advertisement transparency on their respective platforms. Facebook...

Jul 2 ·>

Facebook adopts fact-checking and machine learning to fight fake news

Facebook has announced the expansion of its fact-checking program and adoption of machine learning to combat fake news. In...

Jun 22 ·>

WhatsApp is testing update to alert users from forwarding spam messages

WhatsApp, the most widely used messaging service around the world is planning to curtail spammy content. WhatsApp is not...

Jan 17 ·>
Facebook to integrate WhatsApp functionality, rumours say

Google to take action against websites spreading fake news

The Internet giant Google has been facing allegations of promoting fake news coming from Russia to influence the US...

Dec 18 ·>