Nintendo Switch

Fortnite Fleet Force bundle includes Peely-themed Joy-Cons for the Nintendo Switch

By June 4th, Fortnite fans can grab the new pair of Joy-Con controllers when the Fleet Force Bundle arrives....

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Mar 16 · >

Nintendo sets to release a new Switch with a larger screen and 4K output

In recent news, Nintendo is aiming to release a new model of the very popular Nintendo Switch which will...

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Mar 4 · >

Nintendo Switch owners face security vulnerabilities

Nintendo user have recently been victims of a series of fraudulent attacks. People have reported mysterious hackings into their...

Apr 23 · >

These were the most searched tech gadgets on Google in 2017

In case you are wondering what technology products people usually took to Google to search for. Here we are...

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Dec 14 · >

This gadget beats iPhone X to take TIME’s gadget of the year 2017 award

Each year, Time Magazine publishes a list of top 10 gadgets and its time for the TIME’s top 10...

Nov 21 · >

Recent update in Nintendo Switch adds video capture and profile transfer features

The ultimate rival of Xbox and PlayStation in console supported gaming, Nintendo Switch has updated its software with some...

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Oct 19 · >