NASA unveils its ‘most powerful rocket’ to date

The next increment to NASA’s Artemis project has finally been unveiled and it is arguably the most anticipated one....

Dec 12 ·>

Musk tests the Raptor; his Starhopper looks like a “flying water tower”

Elon Musk’s, the Raptor, is known for its monstrous rocket engines. They look like liquid steel from afar, and...

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Sep 27 ·>

Jeff Bezos’ company may charge $200,000 for each space trip

A space tour on Jeff Bezos’ widely acclaimed rocket, New Shepard is rumored to come at a price of...

Jul 13 ·>

NASA seems to be begging for its trip to Mars

You might have heard that NASA is the only space station that has the ability and technology to go...

Apr 27 ·>

This is the huge rocket that will take Elon Musk’s Tesla to Mars next month

As we earlier reported that Elon Musk is planning to send his personal Tesla’s Roadster to Mars on SpaceX’s...

Dec 21 ·>

The Pakistan’s first ever hybrid rocket to launch soon

DSU Star Busters are leveling their wings to launch the Pakistan’s first ever hybrid rocket. DSU Star Busters, a...

Aug 27 ·>