Huawei Is Aiming To Launch Test Satellites For 6G Verification

Huawei is aiming to launch two satellites together with Chinese companies from the Space exploration section in July 2021...

Apr 27 · >

China plans $3bn supercomputing centre to analyze data from space

China’s southern space port of Wenchang will build a $3 billion supercomputing centre by year-end to analyse data obtained...

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Apr 23 · >

China to provide 8 submarines to Pakistan

Pakistan’s all weather friend China is helping Pakistan with the construction of 8 submarines. According to sources, China’s shipbuilding...

Jul 16 · >

China launches X-rays space telescope

China in a bid to promote its space operations has launched X-rays space telescope, enabling the scientists of the...

Jun 15 · >

India launches record 20 satellites in 26 minutes for a single mission

The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) launched a record 20 satellites in 26 minutes from its Satish Dhawan Space...

Jun 22 · >