China plans $3bn supercomputing centre to analyze data from space

China’s southern space port of Wenchang will build a $3 billion supercomputing centre by year-end to analyse data obtained...

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Apr 23 ·>

China to provide 8 submarines to Pakistan

Pakistan’s all weather friend China is helping Pakistan with the construction of 8 submarines. According to sources, China’s shipbuilding...

Jul 16 ·>

China launches X-rays space telescope

China in a bid to promote its space operations has launched X-rays space telescope, enabling the scientists of the...

Jun 15 ·>

India launches record 20 satellites in 26 minutes for a single mission

The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) launched a record 20 satellites in 26 minutes from its Satish Dhawan Space...

Jun 22 ·>
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