Intel’s processors suffer from major security flaw, Apple’s Macs also affected, report

Intel one of the largest chip makers in the world has been reportedly hit by a security bug in...

Jan 4 ·>

German intelligence warns about the Chinese cyber-spying via LinkedIn

The German intelligence agency (BfV) has blamed Chinese intelligence agencies for making fake profiles on LinkedIn to gather information...

Dec 11 ·>

Google’s Security Checkup prevents third-party apps to access your data

Google has introduced a new feature to secure your Google account from any vulnerabilities and third-party apps. Google’s Security...

Oct 17 ·>
Google's Security Checkup is a feature that makes sure that Google's accounts are safe by checking those items that could impact your account's security.

One billion Yahoo users affected in the World’s largest hack

Yahoo has admitted that as much as a billion users could have been hacked off there important credentials in...

Dec 15 ·>

14-year-old security researcher from Pakistan listed in Google Hall of Fame

Muhammad Shahzad, a 14-year-old security researcher from Pakistan, has been enlisted in the Google Hall of Fame for reporting...

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Jun 25 ·>
Muhammad Shahzad

Google has paid more than $550,000 to Android security researchers

In a recently released report, Google has revealed that they have paid more than $550,000 so far to security...

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Jun 17 ·>

New Android Flaw unlocks phone with wrong password

Another day & another security flaw, a security researcher has found a way to unlock an Android phone, no...

Sep 18 ·>
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