NVIDIA launches new AI supercomputer to help fight COVID-19

In its GTC 2020 keynote event on Thursday, NVIDIA pledged its newest AI-driven supercomputer in the fight against COVID-19....

May 19 ·>

HPE unveils Astra – the world’s largest supercomputer

The world is moving at a very fast pace. Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE)’s advert of their ‘memory-driven computing’ describes...

Jun 20 ·>

SpaceX to launch a supercomputer in space today

In a bid to promote more delicate and deep space missions SpaceX is planning to launch a supercomputer, which...

Aug 15 ·>

Scientists create the largest virtual universe using world’s fastest supercomputer

A team of scientists in China has created the world’s largest virtual universe by using the supercomputer called Sunway...

Jul 31 ·>