The 10 Most-Watched Netflix Movies Of All Time

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Netflix is one of the biggest streaming entertainment channels. It has made its name for the original content it produces. Netflix has turned from just a streaming service to creating its studio. The main objective of the streaming channel is to bring traffic to their site and put in those viewing hours.

Since the world has evolved to a work-from atmosphere, people get more time to invest in entertainment.
However, the movie be more of a watch if it’s filled with a start-studded cast, especially if Ryan Reynolds is in the limelight.


Here we are highlighting the ten most-watched Netflix movies of all time.

The Irishman -214,570,000 Viewing Hours

The Irishman has an outstanding cast, including Harvey Keitel, Joe Pesci, Jesse Plemons, and Anna Paquin. The film follows Frank Sheeran, a former trucker and World War II veteran.

Frank told the story about his journey of becoming a hitman and being involved with monster Russell Bufalino; both worked for the powerful teamster boss Jimmy Hoffa.

The Unforgivable-214,700,000 Viewing Hours

The Unforgivable, starring Sandra Bullock, centers on Ruth, an ex-con recently released after committing a violent crime. Ruth was not welcomed when she returned home because her friend and family could not forget the activities she had commented on in the past.

Ruth has no choice but to visit her younger sister, whom she left behind when she entered the building, hoping she will be her only hope.

Purple Hearts-228,690,000 Viewing Hours

A military romance film called Purple Hearts features some new talent and original songs that quickly take on a life of their own. The main character, Cassie, has Type II diabetes and struggles to support herself while trying to succeed in the music business.

Moreover, she also struggles to pay for insulin. To take advantage of his military benefits while deployed, Cassie decides to game the system by marrying Luke, a U.S. Marine.

Their relationship gets closer throughout his deployment, and their act quickly develops into a touching love story.

Extraction-231,340,000 Viewing Hours

In the most recent action-packed Netflix movie starring Chriss Hemsworth, viewers will be compelled to watch it again as soon as the credits appear.

Tyler Rake’s long and life-defying career as a mercenary is continued in Extraction. The drug lord’s kidnapped son needs to be saved, so he is asked to leave the bench.

By the time the film was over, the Extraction would have been nothing short of a miracle. Several stunning and intricate stunts in the film’s action scenes repeatedly push the actors to their physical and mental limits.

The Adam Project-233,160,000 Viewing Hours

Adam recently lost his father and delaying hard times to adjust to his new reality. On a beautiful day, he finds a bleeding pilot in the woods, who he assumes is the future of his version.

In the Adam Project, the 14- year old hates his future but wants to be a part of his mission to try to find his father. The movie is thrilling and filled with heartfelt charm and sarcasm that IGN says has viewers wanting more from the duo of Ryan Reynolds and Walker Scobell.

The Gray Man-253,870,000 Viewing Hours

A story of Brothers Russo decided to put Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans in the action-adventure full of comedy in The Gray Man.

Sierra, a CIA agent, quickly becomes the company’s target, revealing disturbing internal secrets. The concept of the movies was done before as well, but Gosling’s character is so likable that it attracts viewers to the movie.

Glass Onions- A Knives Out Mystery-279,740,000

The knives out follows a group of wealthy elites that unites on a private island. Glass Onion is a group of friends, eccentric and tech billionaire friends who asked them to move out for the weekend to catch up.

Shortly after their arrival, guests start dying, and the story revolves around the world’s famous detective Benoit Blanc revealing the island’s dark secrets.

Bird Box- 282,020,000 Viewing Hours

The Bird Box is a story of a population committing suicide. No one has been able to figure out the actual cause of suicides. Mallorie must keep her two kids safe by applying what they know can benefit them. If she wants to leave the house in a way to keep her family safe, a dangerous escape down the river must be made blindfolded, where the slightest look could mean death.

Don’t Look Up-359,790,000 Viewing Hours

The story revolves around serious issues. Two astronomers discovered that an asteroid was moving directly toward Earth, which would wipe out the entire planet.

The scientist behind the process is not very concerned with the earth-shattering reality. The results of the public in the movie mimic what happened during the pandemic.

Red Notice-364,020,000 Viewing Hours

The cast includes Ryan Reynolds, Gal Gadot, and Dwayne Johnson. John Hartley is on the hunt for a missing was given to Cleopatra. Hartley recovers the egg from Booth, one of the art thieves.

On the other hand, Black, new to the art thief, is making a name by switching out the eggs with a fake one and framing agent Hartley.

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