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This Chrome extension can help make YouTube lectures highly productive

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Realizing the potential of present technology, today, most of the academia is on board the digital bandwagon to reap its benefits. Institutes have started digitizing their study resources to make them easily available for students. Many of the universities now add their video lectures to various online platforms, YouTube being the popular one.

However, online lectures tend to have less attention span. To rectify just that, BriefTube has been developed as a free Chrome add-on, which works like an extension to YouTube enabling students to optimize their learning by instantly summarizing everything in the video.

BriefTube is a summarizing tool which can filter the whole lecture out from a video. It can create concise tables of contents for each educational video which can prove to be highly useful to students who are time-savvy and are not interested in intuition-building. The add-on can also break-down a video’s content into chapters and sub-chapters to help students grasp the topics and sub-topics provided in the video.


Once installed, the add-on gets featured on the YouTube webpage, on the right panel above the YouTube’s playlist.


BriefTube also has a worthy feature of searching for phrases and keywords within the video, which can help students to pinpoint any specific instance of the video for any particular word.Currently, the plug-in is in its Beta phase and supports videos with subtitles only.

To use this ultra useful add-on, you can install it from the Chrome library.

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