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This simple hack hides your WhatsApp photos from saving on your phone gallery

Avatar Written by Mohammad Jamal ·  53 sec read >

The best part about using WhatsApp is the ease with which you are able to send messages, pictures, videos, and GIFs to your contacts, free of cost. You would have noticed that WhatsApp pictures are automatically saved to your phone, particularly on Android smartphones.

It may be handy, in some cases but if you don’t want your smartphone to store photos sent to you on WhatsApp in the Gallary as they take up space and anyone could just open your gallery and look at the pictures invading your privacy. If you really want to stop Gallery saving your WhatsApp files. How can you stop this happening on your Android smartphone? Let’s find out a simple hack we have compiled for you.

Step 1
Download a File manager, if you don’t have it installed already, then you can get one on the Google Play store. Once you’ve downloaded it, open it.

Step 2
Browse through your phone files till you get to WhatsApp>Media>WhatsApp Images

Step 3 Create a file called “.nomedia” in that folder, the full stop at the front is necessary, it won’t work without it.

Step 4
Save and exit the file manager

Step 5
You will now see that your WhatsApp files are hidden from your Gallery.

Step 6
If you wish to undo this and see your files again, just go back to the File manager app and delete the .nomedia file


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Written by Mohammad Jamal
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