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Top 5 Ways GPT-4 Can Increase Worker’s Productivity

Written by Senoria Khursheed ·  2 min read >

The environment has become very challenging as artificial intelligence has taken place everywhere. Therefore, everyone must adopt the latest techniques and technologies to chase the race. Since the launch of chatGPT, every company is trying to incorporate it into their systems to boost employees’ productivity.

The language model that powers chatGPT, GPT-4, has developed the latest version with considerable improvements over GPT 3 and GPT 3.5. Though, workers can use GPT-4 to enhance their productivity and quality of work.

The newest version of GPT is capable enough to accept inputs in both the forms of text and images. In contrast, GPT 3 and 3.5 could only take data in text.

ChatGPT is an innovative artificial intelligence technology created by OpenAI. The company aims to provide effective results in less period.


Here we are bringing the top 5 uses of GPT-4 that can enhance workers’ productivity.

Read A 50-Page Contract.

It will take 2 to 3 days for an average person to read a 50-page contract. In contrast, GPT-4 can quickly eat up 50 pages of text in chatGPT plus.

A person can easily take help from GPT-4 to complete the task rather than taking the time to read a lengthy document.

It shows how crucial it is for employees to comprehend the document. ChatGPT-4 will help you save time and provide effective results for the task.

At the same time, you can ask it to compose an email expressing your concerns to the individual.

Upload Images For Social Posts

One of the most robust features of the new GPT version is that it accepts both the text and pictures output, but it is only accessible through API.

Whereas, during the OpenAI presentation, the creator created a napkin drawing of an application and had GPT-4 convert it into website code.

Treat GPT-4 As Another Employee

Though, with GPT-4, so much false information is available. Previously, results generated by the old models were a proper solution.

For instance, there was a fad when individuals would inquire on chatGPT, “who is? [Insert your name]. And eventually, it would generate different occupations that an individual had done, claimed that they had awards that they didn’t and were mistaken about where they had studied.

In addition,chatGPT several times have fabricated the information while making it seem real.

Train GPT-4 To Learn Your Voice

Though, it isn’t easy to teach GPT-4 to recognize the natural tone of your voice. Sometimes, the voice and tone effects and the recognition system refuse to accept.

On the other hand, many journalists would figure out that to be a bit of a reach, teaching GPT-4 to recognize the writing style may be helpful in other situations.

Moreover, provide several emails or social media posts you have already written. The functions will be able to recognize the writing style more efficiently and deliver better the next time.

Hence, it is essential to make significant changes to chatGPT responses for them to appear to be written by you or accurately recognize the tone of any individual.

Ask GPT-4 For Personalized Interview Questions

The emergence of AI has shifted the paradigm. Co.lanies are becoming experts at recognizing when an applicant added artificial intelligence to their cover letter or resume.

In addition, it is helpful for recruiters to produce automated messaging. With previous versions, 3 and 3.5, that might have meant asking for a concise message to be shared on LinkedIn and sent through email to potential candidates for jobs like a data architect job in the United States.

However, you can now customize a message requesting an interview by entering data from a possible candidate’s LinkedIn profile, website and other social media platforms.

Through this innovative tool, recruiters will also be able to fill more vacancies more quickly and error-free.

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