Twitter Silently Removes Login Requirement To View Tweets:A Shocking U-Turn

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Now Twitter enables users to view tweets without any login. The decision was made right after Instagram announced the launch of rival ‘Threads.’
Right after the launch of Twitter Rival Thread, the Elon Musk-owned messaging platform took a shocking U-turn immediately and silently removed the login option required for accessing tweets.

Last week, Twitter announced that users have to verify their accounts if they are willing to access the tweets. However, the company had also restricted the number of posts a user could read per day. The announcement upset the subscribers, and they were searching for an alternative apps like Bluesky, Spill, and Mastodon.
The tweets have started appearing on Slack, WhatsApp, and even iMessage. Earlier, Twitter had implemented the login requirement as Elon Musk previously showed his expressions that chatGPT and other bot companies are taking data from Twitter. According to him, the step has been taken to prevent data scraping, although it was meant to be a temporary change.

Now, no user needs to create an account or log in. Anyone can access the tweets just by browsing.
Elon Musk said in his tweet, “Temporary emergency measure. We were getting data pillaged so much that it was degrading service for normal users.”

Twitter did not officially announce the move, nor have they disclosed the steps taken to stop data scraping concerns.
Twitter decided to remove the login requirements when the Meta-owned Instagram announced the launch of Twitter’s rival messaging app ‘Threads.’ Surprisingly, the app has reached nearly 2 million subscribers within no time.

However, the Threads app is readily available for Android and iPhone users. Initially, ‘Threads’ do not require any login or sign-in procedure while accessing the app. Though, it still needs to be clarified whether Meta will follow the same approach as Twitter and permit users to access posts without needing an account when it officially launches.

Elon Musk recently implemented read limits on Twitter in which verified users can read a certain number of tweets daily. At the same time, non-verified users can read 1,000 posts per day.

Additionally, unverified and new users faced an even lower limit of 300 posts. However, in subsequent tweets, Musk raised the limits to 8,000 for verified accounts, 800 for unverified accounts, and 400 for new unverified accounts.

Later, he raised the limits to 1,000 for non-verified and 10,000 for verified users.
The company claims only a few people have been affected by these changes. Twitter claims that the measure was necessary to combat spam and bot activity, ensuring the authenticity of the user base. Twitter stated in a blog post, To ensure the authenticity of our user base, we must take extreme measures to remove spam and bots from our platform.”

The step by Twitter came at a crucial time when competitors were seeking to challenge its dominance.

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