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Twitter Users Can Now See the Number of Views on a Tweet

Written by Abdullah Shahid ·  1 min read >
Twitter view counter
The view counter can be seen right beside the like and retweet counter, thus making it easier for Twitter users to see how their tweet is performing

A number of Twitter users have reported that they can now see the number of views on their tweets. This update came as unexpected to many users since Musk announced that the feature would be available by 1st December.

Just a week after announcing that the feature would come out on the first of December, Musk said that it will take “a few more weeks”, however it seems that the feature is out early.

Users have noticed a view counter each time they click and expand their tweet. If you are someone that has not yet received the feature then don’t feel bad because the feature is not available for everyone.

The view counter can be seen right beside the like and retweet counter, which obviously seems like the most feasible place for the new feature. While the new feature sounds interesting, it does not provide new information since Twitter users were always able to view Tweet impressions inside the analytics section.

This new view counter however displays views right in front and users won’t have to open the analytics tab each time they want to see how their tweet is performing. Many believe that this view counter will be public and users will be able to see views on other people’s tweets as well.

It’s currently unclear whether Twitter wants to keep the view counter private for each user or wants the views on every tweet to be public. According to Musk’s comments, the feature would make Tweets have a view display “just like videos” implying that this view counter will be public.

Unlike every time, Musk has not tweeted anything related to the view counter.


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