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US Orders All Federal Agencies to Uninstall TikTok from Government Devices

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“We firmly oppose those wrong actions,” said China’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson while speaking about the TikTok ban

The US government just ordered all federal agencies to remove TikTok from any government owned devices. These federal agencies are given a 30 day timeline to uninstall the Bytedance owned TikTok, which is one of the most prevalent social media application in the US, especially with the younger demographics.

This order comes after TikTok got accused of using personal information, while also being accused of being strongly tied with the Chinese government. US law makers thus believe that the application, when downloaded on government owned devices, can have a negative effect on national security.

The matter was discussed in December, at the Congress, where members voted for TikTok to be banned on government owned devices since they can pose a threat to the national security of the US.

“This guidance is part of the Administration’s ongoing commitment to securing our digital infrastructure and protecting the American people’s security and privacy,” said US Federal Chief Information Security Officer Chris DeRusha.

Similar news came from the European Union and Canada, where governments also ordered employees to delete TikTok from any government owned devices.

Talking about the situation, China’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson Mao Ning said that they “firmly oppose those wrong actions”.

“We are always available to meet with our government officials to discuss how we protect the privacy and security of Canadians, but singling out TikTok in this way does nothing to achieve that shared goal,” said TikTok in its statements regarding the ban.


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