Video buffering will finally be killed with this AI system

Written by Ali Leghari ·  45 sec read >

When you are watching a video on a slow internet connection and after the equal interval of times your video starts to buffer, it bothers you, isn’t it? However, this is all going to change as researchers from MIT have developed an AI system named “Pensieve” to solve the buffering problem while maintaining the quality of the video. The system uses machine learning technology to pick algorithms while depending on the network conditions.

The system allows video to buffer less and give good streaming experience to those who are watching the video. The Pensieve AI technology, developed by MIT researchers, stream video with 10 to 30 percent less rebuffering than other approaches such as YouTube’s adaptive bitrate (ABR) algorithms approach.

The technique YouTube is using is not so bad either. However, if one is using slow internet connection, YouTube will downgrade the quality of video automatically to let it stream.

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According to MIT Professor Mohammad Alizadeh, “Studies show that users abandon video sessions if the quality is too low, leading to major losses in ad revenue for content providers.”

Moreover, Pensieve AI technology works well even where connectivity is bad, it said to cut rebuffering by up to 30 percent.

Featured Image Source: Shutterstock