Watching these Muslims celebrate #EID_live on SnapChat will melt your heart

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Eid-ul-Fitr is being celebrated in most part of the world today. While you are waiting for the announcement of moon sighting in Pakistan, you can enjoy Eid with Muslims all around the world as Eid-ul-Fitr is now live on @Snapchat story. Watch Muslims from UAE, Malaysia and Indonesia celebrating Eid according to their unique culture while keeping the main spirit of Eid alive.

Check out some of the #Eid_live tweets below.

Earlier this week, the holy city of Makkah went live on Snapchat in honor of the Night of Destiny (Laylatul Qadr). This was made possible after #Mecca_live went viral promoting Snapchat to do a live story on the event. The #Mecca_live event was appreciated by Muslims all around the world as they took to Twitter to express their happiness and gratitude.

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SnapStory is a feature of Snapchat that is enthusiastically used by people worldwide. Whenever a famous event is taking place, Snapchat uses geo-location and allows people to send snaps of that event. These short snaps are then shared on the SnapStory for millions of people to view. Last week, Snapchat featured stories from West Bank and Wimbledon among several other stories local to the Americans.

You can view the Snapstory of #Eid_live on Snapchat right now and maybe add some stories from Pakistan too. To view the Story, log into the app, swipe left for the Stories page, scroll down to Live and you’ll find Eid-ul-Fitr listed in the locations. Tap to witness Muslims all around the world celebrating Eid.

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