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We bet you’d love to see this ‘new’ Microsoft Windows Paint

Written by Muneeb Ahmad ·  1 min read >

Many of us would still be able to recall playing colors in the classic Microsoft Windows Paint application. Over the course of time, although the competitors’ platform took the lead by a significant margin, no major changes were ever witnessed in the traditional Paint, we were once used to. However, it now seems that Microsoft is making noticeable efforts to change the classic application into something really great.

Some videos have leaked over the internet show that Microsoft is working on making this platform conform to new technological advancements that have happened over time. The leaked videos basically are the introductory videos to the new revamped Paint application. The videos clearly show that the update is being made for the Windows 10, especially for the high-end touch devices of today. The new Windows Paint App will be best adapted to the touch input and will incorporate 3D functionality.

WalkingCat on Twitter came up with a video which clearly shows that new 3D graphics designing tools form the major part of the update. I am greatly convinced that Microsoft has tried to put in 3D functionality while keeping it really simple.

There was another video, which shows plenty of smart selection tools – a manifestation of progressing Artificial Intelligence and applied Machine Learning Algorithms. The new tools can be used to use, manipulate, customize the objects within a scene with greater ease.

Another thing which was clearly noticeable is that the tools we’ve been accustomed to for over a couple of decades now are not terminated. The text addition tools, the preset shapes and much more, would still be available while the changes would be added on top of those existing tools. This is something, that would help you make transition from the 2D Paint to the 3D Paint in a real smooth fashion.

Although there has been no particular mention of when the update would be released, we can very much anticipate that we will soon be using it. The videos clearly show that the work on product development has almost been completed. Considering that Windows has an event coming up later this month, we have the bells ringing. Windows will be unveiling a new Microsoft Surface device, and perhaps the updated Windows Paint app along with it.

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Written by Muneeb Ahmad
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