What are the tools to help startups/companies work remotely during coronavirus outbreak

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As the fatal Coronavirus takes over the whole world, Workers, as well as companies, are preferring remote working. Staying at home and minimal public interaction is the best way to combat the spread of this dangerous disease. As epidemics like these take some time to control, it is difficult for the business industry to give off to workers for such a long time. That’s why more companies are opting for work from home these days.

Regardless of the Coronavirus outbreak, Remote working or Telecommuting has become popular in the last few years. Large companies and firms have started hiring remote workers for their everyday tasks. This offers them a number of advantages like less expenditure, a team with diverse expertise, and flexible working hours. But this whole process cannot be made smooth and easy without the help of the right technology and tools. There are a ton of platforms available online but you require the ones that make your transition easier. This article serves the purpose. Below we present the five best tools that can be the absolute best for different industries.

Trello – Process Tracking

Process tracking is an important aspect of your business regardless of the industry you are working in. You have to keep a strong check on where a specific project is, what is being done, and who is working on it. Trello is one of the leading applications for project management and one of the most common remote collaboration tools available in the market. It keeps everyone in the team up to date using job assignments, activity reports and email notifications. The UI is extremely simple; each project is structured with virtual boards that pin cards representing tasks on team members.

ezTalks – Remote Meeting

As a manager, it is necessary to have weekly or monthly meetings with your team members. EzTalks is one of the best remote meeting tools that provides users with a quick remote meeting experience in both HD video and audio, along with the screen-sharing ability for users to share live work. It also provides audio conferencing through the use of VoIP for smoother conversations and a whiteboard that allows its users to share their thoughts and annotations with fellow participants.

Slack – Team Communication

Messaging among teams and team members is important for minute-to-minute updates. Slack has become the go-to platform for remote team communication. If you want an app that provides an informal atmosphere than apps like ezTalks, Slack might just be the perfect choice. To keep things organized, it gives you the choice of breaking down your main conversation into several team-specific chats. There are also a range of advanced features on the app including voice chat for simple communication.

Google Drive – File Sharing

No company can function well without a pile of official documents outlining the basic guidelines, memos, or approval files. Google Drive is the best platform for storing or sharing all kinds of documents that your business might need. Whether they are simple text documents, presentations, spreadsheets, drawings or forms, Google Drive allows you to easily share it among your teammates with just a link. Teams can collaboratively edit and work on the files remotely.

Plutwo – Online Learning

Online learning and sessions are the most important matter for universities and lecturers around the world due to COVID-19 pandemic. If you want to learn some skill or know about a subject, Plutwo is the best platform for you. You can follow famous experts from all fields on the platform and get updates about the latest sessions they are conducting. As of now, the platform supports up to 1000 participants per session who can sign up for sessions with minimal subscription rates. The lecturers or experts can also benefit from the platform by earning per sessions and gaining followers by giving educational lectures.

These are some of the tools that will help you in handling remote work in the Coronavirus outbreak. Let us know your strategy of work in the comments below!

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