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WhatsApp’s new update to add transgender pride flag emoji

Written by Faisal Saeed ·  1 min read >

Facebook-owned WhatsApp is working on a transgender pride flag emoji that is set to be released with the update of the main version of WhatsApp. The unofficial version of the transgender pride flag was previously revealed on the Beta version of the app.

The appearance of the transgender emoji was first discovered by Emojipedia, where in order to reveal the emoji you have to copy and paste their version of the trick. WhatsApp has now officially released the flag emoji in the beta version of the app, while they are working to add it in the main version as well.

The transgender flag emoji is a combination of two emojis which include, the white flag and the transgender symbol. Between these emojis, there is a portion of a code known as an “invisible Zero Width Joiner” character. The code enables the two other symbols to join and create a new emoji. which in this case is a transgender flag emoji.

Currently, WhatsApp is working on a feature that allows users to find emojis and stickers while doodling images on the app. The messaging app is also working to add more emojis that would represent other genders as well. For now, the flag emoji is available on Beta 2.19 for Android devices only.

WhatsApp is known for bringing new updates to its app from time to time. They are also working on a new search image feature to combat fake news. This feature will allow users to search for a selected image on the internet which will help them to track the source of that image. If you want to find out what other exciting features WhatsApp is bringing to its app, read this article.