Work from home policy for women by PTA

Arslan Ali Written by Arslan Ali · 38 sec read>

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority or more commonly known as PTA has initiated a policy for its women employees. The women employees can now work from home. Although PTA would have to cater for the working hours, tools and proper support for these ladies who chose to work under this change.

This is a good initiative and if truly implemented, and can save cost and working hours for key human resource elements.

Working from home has been a common facet for information technology and consultancy services. Several professionals from across the world adopt this way of working. It provides them flexible working hours and a relaxed timescale to achieve more. Freelance professional are mostly home based, and seeing their efficiency in delivering quality work, a lot of companies (especially IT sector) have adapted flexible and home based working strategy.

PTA decision is for its women employees, and it will definitely create a positive effect on married women and women who also have to look after their homes and earn for their family.

Source – PTA and Image – Molly & Beans