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You can un-send a message on Instagram, in case you didn’t know

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Users can unsend or, in other words, delete a direct message (DM) on Instagram.

Instagram Direct lets users share a message, picture or video with an individual person or send it to a group of friends. For the unaware, there is an arrow icon (previously inbox icon) on the top right corner of the home screen which is a sort of “inbox” for Instagram. The same icon is available below every post on Instagram through which users can share the post as a direct message (DM) with their friends.

For most of the social media platforms, you cannot do anything once you hit send on a message. This is not the case with Instagram though. Many users have not noticed this but there is an option to un-send a message available since forever. Several times people send a message mistakenly or a message they didn’t mean to send or send it to the wrong person. The “unsend” option is there to save you the embarrassment if the receiver hasn’t opened the message yet.

Although you can revoke a message but you cannot delete it from someone’s mind if they’ve already read it. Simply press and hold a message and two options will appear, “Unsend Message” and “Copy Text”. You can select the unsend option to delete the message. Reportedly, WhatsApp is also testing a revoking and editing feature.

Instagram is a photo-sharing and social networking platform launched in 2010. It was acquired by Facebook in 2012 for $1 billion. With millions of daily active users, Instagram is giving some serious competition to the rival Snapchat, as disclosed in the IPO. Instagram launched Insta stories and Live Videos in 2016. Instagram for business is a tool that lets marketers reach to a large number of audience. Instagram is also reportedly testing a feature to post multiple photos in form of albums.

Written by Maheen Kanwal
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