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You need to get a part-time job, the sooner the better!

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I’m serious. Get a part-time job and you’ll be doing yourself a big favor. Of course, you’re not convinced by me just plainly saying that. So I will try to make a good case.

Most of us join university with the sole aim of graduating with an exceptional GPA. What we don’t realize is that university is not just about excelling at academics. It is the perfect time for you to explore your options, discover new things, and form a network – all things which will benefit you once you graduate. Falling in the same line is a part-time job.

The prospect of getting a part-time job seems daunting. Most of us tend to think it will hurt our grades but what we don’t comprehend are the sheer benefits a part-time job brings.

I joined TechJuice when I was a student because I wanted to learn how to manage my academics with a side activity. Writing coupled with technology seemed a good combo because I was passionate about both these things. It was very challenging at times because as a student you cannot lessen the attention to your studies. But at the same time, it has been truly rewarding in terms of learning and exposure.

Below I talk about the various benefits of part-time jobs and why you should consider them.

1. The ability to multi-task

Once you graduate, you will understand how easy it is when your only worry is to pass the semester with respectable grades! You will be expected to handle both your work and family life. While it comes naturally to some people, others tend to crack under pressure. So it doesn’t hurt to be prepared.

When you have a work assignment and a semester project looming over your head, you will learn the art of multi-tasking and prioritization in the most practical of ways.

2. Handling responsibility

If you choose not to submit your university assignments for whatever reason, that will ultimately be on you. But when you sign up for a job you are undertaking a responsibility that you will deliver top quality work on time.

Some of you who have worked in student-run societies will know the importance of management. Although, in such societies, responsibility is often made light of. But when someone else is the boss, you will learn to stand by your word and deliver good results.

3. Preparing for the corporate world

Once you graduate, prior work experience and a beginners grasp on corporate dealing will give you a head start. While applying for a job, candidates who have proven expertise in a similar field are given a considerable edge over others.

If you take a part-time job working from home, you may not get to fully understand how the corporate world works. If you happen to be a Business major, I would strongly suggest working in an office. I will discuss below potential workplaces for that.

4. Invaluable Networking

If you happen to find a good part-time job that allows you to interact with new people, take advantage of it and most importantly, stay in touch with those people. The more people you meet, the more exposure you get which will ultimately be for your own greater good.

So where do you find part-time jobs?

Some people go for part-time jobs because they really need the money. And there’s no harm in it. But, in that case, you’ll take the first job that pays better than the others. If you’re looking for a part-time work placement that is in accordance with your professional degree, then you may have to hunt a little.

You’ll only be able to take full advantage from the part-time job if it suits your profession. However, if you are thinking of switching your path altogether there is no harm in discovering and working in a new field.

Sadly, Pakistan does not have an online portal where you can easily go and search for your desired job. Here’s a list of places to help you get started.

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1. Startups

Incubation Centers are the best place to look in for part-time jobs because they are full to the brim with young startups looking for interns. The monetary compensation at these places may not be very high but you will get good hands-on professional and corporate experience. You can work here in the following possible area, and others:

IT (Web Development, Mobile App Development)


Social Media Management

Content Writing

Currently, several universities including LUMS, NUST, Comsats, Bahria University, University of Agriculture, and NED University of Engineering & Technology have in-house Incubation Centers. So if you happen to be studying in one of these institutes you’re good to go. If not then you can always approach these startups and work from home. We at TechJuice often feature their job opening, so you can check our Job Portal as well!

2. Freelancing

Freelancing is probably a go-to option for students these days. It serves as a great way for building your professional portfolio but it won’t offer any significant office experience.

But the thing is popular freelancing websites like Freelancer, Elance, and Fiverr have a lot of people with well-established profiles. So being a newbie, it will take you a lot of effort and patience to get to your first project. But once the projects start rolling in, the money is good too.

There are several groups on Facebook that house both employers and freelancers: Pakistani Freelancers and Freelancers in Pakistan are some of them. If you like the idea of Freelancing but don’t know where to start, we’ve got you covered. Here’s our Freelancing guide to help you get started.

3. Student-run Organizations and Societies

When I joined university, I made an assumption that societies are a waste of time. While its true for the most lot, some are actually good. Student-run organizations like IEEE, AISEC or MUNs are a perfect ground for networking and insight to the corporate world. But if you happen to be from CS or EE and looking for some hands-on field-related experience, these might not be your cup of tea.

4. Research/Teaching Assistant

Becoming a research or teaching assistant will be very beneficial for you professionally. Most universities put a requirement of a good GPA, but in most cases, if you have a grade above B you are eligible. Teachers are often looking for dedicated students to help them on their research work. So keep on the look out!

5. Blogging

I, personally, don’t consider blogging a part-time job. Running a successful blog needs full dedication and a lot of investment of your valuable time. However, I know some people who are able to manage their blog as a side activity which means that if you are really passionate about a particular topic (Technology, Cooking, Books etc) you could do it too! Here are some resources to help you start up a blog and to keep it SEO Optimized. You’ll have to be really patient to build a good standing and it will take some time for substantial money to start rolling in. You can start your own blog by first securing and a domain and then buying a hosting here.

Hope this helps you. Keep hustling!

Image Source – Youlin Magazine

Written by Maryam Dodhy
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