You will be able to inhale the next generation of COVID-19 vaccines

Talha Ikram Written by Talha Ikram ·  55 sec read >

As you already know that multiple vaccines have already been produced by different companies like Pfizer and Sinopharm that have the capability to develop immunity in an individual. These vaccines are also known as mRNA vaccines and they have to be administered using a syringe.

Using a syringe isn’t always easy. It increases the overall cost of administering the vaccine as it has to be done by medical professionals and you cannot even reuse a syringe. That is why researchers are looking for a new way to administer vaccines – Inhalation.

The inhaled vaccines are already under development in the UK, US, India, Hong Kong. COVID-19 spreads through the nose and mouth primarily. So the researchers are trying to devise a new vaccine that stops the virus at the point of impact. Using an inhaled vaccine would allow immunity to built directly in the airways. The tissues of the lungs, nose, and throat contain high levels of immune proteins, called IgA, that give better protection against respiratory viruses. Activating these proteins can be the key to protecting people from the virus more effectively.

This vaccine will also make it easier and cheaper to be rolled out for the public provided its development costs aren’t that high as there is no need for syringes and staff to administer it. All you need is an inhaler and you will be set to get that immunity. Altimmune is a biotechnology company that is already planning to test such a vaccine at the end of 2021.

Image Source: CNBC