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YouTube To Bring 30-Second Non-Skip Ads To TV

Written by Senoria Khursheed ·  1 min read >

YouTube, the biggest video giant has announced that it will introduce 30-second Non-Skip Ads on connected TVs (CTVs)-replacing two 15-second consecutive ads currently displayed on the platform.

The video giant YouTube has announced at the YouTube Brand cast the upfront event in New York. Many people across the world watch YouTube Unlimited. Watching YouTube on your TV becomes very frustrating if you are not paying to avoid ads.

According to the channel, viewers will be able to see a single 30-second ad instead of two consecutive 15-second ads. Though that doesn’t mean that those shorter ads will be disappearing entirely.

On the other hand, 30-second and will be availed to advertisers through YouTube Select, a curated advertising platform that targets the top 5% of YouTube content. Moreover, the channel claims 70% of YouTube Select impressions derive from TVs, which makes it an ideal platform for longer ads.

Testing Phase Of Ads That Will Appear On Paused Videos

Neal Mohan, CEO of YouTube stated during the Brand Cast event, “More and more viewers are turning to YouTube on the biggest screen in their home”.
In addition, he also said that “viewers especially younger viewers-no longer make a distinction between the kind of content they are watching”.

Additionally, YouTube revealed that it will begin testing advertisements that play when a connected TV user pauses a video. It resembles the pause and feature Hulu, introduced a few years ago, and has been dubbed “pause experiences” by YouTube.

According to the Adweek example image, YouTube’s pause ads will show up as a banner around the video and can be eliminated by clicking the “dismiss” button.
Though, YouTube has not revealed when the decided changes will take place-30 second unskippable ads and pause ads. It is still not announced when it will be rolling out. News channels and other entertainment channels are still waiting for the confirmed announcement.

The pause ads are expected to be highly visual and even more Interactive. In addition, they include QR codes you can scan to perhaps visit the brand’s website or social media channels.
Below is the image, for instance , here is an ad encouraging you to scan a QR code to get a 15 percent discount


Hence, the announcements came after the video hosting platform recently cracked down on blockers. Though, blockers are not permitted on YouTube, according to pop-up messages that YouTube is testing.

Last week the company announced this, urging users to upgrade to YouTube Premium for an ad-free experience.
According to the channel, 70% of Select impressions land on TVs, therefore the new format will allow advertisers to showcase their services or products in a more descriptive way that allows for “richer story telling”.

It will also allow the advertisers to briefly describe their product to attract customers from a broader perspective. As the time limit is quite enough for an ad, and will help viewers to understand clearly about the product.

Moreover, if you are already watching for 15 seconds and then this new change will not bring any difference in your watching time. The format is generally available in the US and Canada and is expected to expand worldwide later this year.


YouTube Introduces 30-Second Non-Skippable Ads on YouTube Select

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