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10 Facebook friends who rule your Facebook walls

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Facebook is one of the world’s largest and leading social networking websites. Over the years, we have seen the growth of certain groups that contaminate our timelines with their addiction and self-image problems. We have seen such Facebook friends on our timeline as their behavior grow and develop, but they will never change. Here are 10 Facebook friends who rule your Facebook walls.

1. Grammar Nazis

These people exist on Facebook only to point out grammatical mistakes on your updates and posts. No matter at what time you post and whatever you post, if there is a grammatical error then they will appear magically to correct your mistake out of sheer pride. If you think telling them that it’s Facebook, not an English notebook will solve the case, then my dear friend, you are totally wrong. They are Grammar Nazis who are fully committed to preserving the English language online. The best way to deal with these friends is to ignore them and never poke an angry bear in the eye.

Facebook Friends - Grammar Nazis

2. Trolls

They are the attention seeking friends. They post controversial, irrelevant, negative, or inflammatory comments on your posts just to get you emotionally frustrated and encourage you to fire back furiously. My friend, never reply to trolls, because when you reply they achieve the purpose and they win. You will find trolls everywhere on the internet disrupting discussions on Facebook pages, groups, and personal profiles. Why do they do it? Simple, to feed their ego and deal with their twisted self-problems.

Facebook Friends - Trolls

3. Check in Lovers

 They check in everywhere; at home, at school, at restaurants, at grocery stores and what not. They seem to have an amazing life because they are always on the go or they pretend to be. The first thing they do when they arrive at anyone’s house is, ask for WiFi password and then post check-in status update on Facebook. They love and get excited when they get likes and comments on their check-ins. Thankfully, they don’t check in every time they go to the washroom yet.

Facebook Reality - Check In Friends


These are the kind of friends who either own a Facebook page or a business that they are very proud of. When they share a picture, it’s about their work. When they update a status, it’s about their work. When they share a video, it’s about their work. When they share a link, it’s about their work too. They are constantly obsessed about their work and want you to take an interest in their work as well. You can comment or like from time to time to let them know that you care but if the post’s frequency crosses your patience threshold, you better unsubscribe them.


5. Show-offs

Show-offs don’t let go any chance to show off their smallest achievements in life. They post about their new phone, new laptop, new girlfriend, new house, new car, good GPA, the food they cooked etc. They believe in enjoying every moment of life to the fullest. Sometimes people get irritated due to their more-often-then-not show off updates. But then, isn’t social media about sharing your life and achievement and making new friends along the way?

Facebook Friends Show off

6. Selfie Addicts

Where ever they go and whoever is with them – the first thing they do is take a selfie. Their selfies are cool and are taken at really weird places. There is a lot of effort behind these selfies which include taking about 20-30 selfies before settling on the one that pass all tests of maintaining a self-image on Facebook.

Selfie Ellen Degeneres

7. Newly Wed Couples

Their wall is the most romantic and cheesy one. Although they live together and share the same bed, but they still prefer talking on Facebook in front of everyone else. Their updates have typical lovey dovey words like “baby, jaanu, jaan, my life etc.” The most strange thing is, they don’t share all of their wedding photos in one go. Their wedding happens in January 2015, but their wedding photo sharing goes on till December 2016. They share one photo every week to get the maximum number of likes on each picture. If you’ll ask for all the pictures they will say the photos haven’t arrived yet. “Photographer nay abhi yehi pictures bheji hain.” :p

Facebook Friends newly wed couples

8. Lonely and break up friends

Their recent GF/BF has ditched them and they are in an awful state. Hence, they keep talking about their loneliness and sadness on Facebook. Some of their updates are for their ex in a hope that they will open their profile somehow and read the torment they are going through. Well, the best thing about this phase is that it passes over and they behave normally again.

Facebook Break Up Friends

9. Stalkers

They keep stalking your friends, family and colleagues on Facebook. How’d you know about it? Well, when they mistakenly add your sibling or like an old post while stalking your profile. The truth prevails when your friend tells you that they were just checking out, but somehow the button got clicked. Ladies and Gentlemen, if this annoys the shit out of you – please keep your friend list closed.

Facebook Stalking

10. Riding the Bandwagon

These are the friends who have no idea what’s going on around them, but they will immediately pick up the latest “trend” circulating on Facebook. Whether we are talking about “supporting” a political party and updating profile picture / cover photo to show it. These people will just follow the herd like sheep and continue to like, share and comment on a topic that they perhaps don’t know about properly. Why do they do this? Perhaps to feel involved and not be seen as “The Odd One Out”.

Facebook Riding the bandwagon

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