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10 video proofs of why everyone is down with Dubsmash fever

Written by Amna Mishal ·  1 min read >

Dubsmash fever has completely taken over social media which is flooded with Dubsmash videos and I find more people actively using it with every passing day. Dubsmash, a lip syncing-app that can be used to recreate movie scenes and create dubbed music videos. It has been downloaded for more than ten million times, let’s find out why it’s gotten so viral and successful.

What is Dubsmash?

Dubsmash is a video messaging app for both Android and Apple phones. Users can use it to dub a song or perform a scene from a movie with original audio or users may add soundtracks to videos recorded on their phones.

If you can’t find something that matches your creative buds in the Dubsmash central database, Dubsmash also allows users to create their own voice files that can be uploaded to a central database called Dubloader. These include excerpts from popular TV shows or cult movies. Once a user has selected an audio clip, they can bring out the actor within themselves to record their own video. This video can be saved on the phone or shared on Whatsapp, Facebook or Instagram.

Who created Dubsmash?

German developers Jonas Druppel, Roland Grenke and Daniel Taschik are the brainchild behind this viral mobile application. It was launched in November last year and hit the number one spot in its home country Germany in a matter of few days.

This app has gone viral and became a smash hit even in Pakistan. The reason that it is user-friendly and friends, families and co-workers share their ‘acting and lip-syncing’ skills easily is the reason for its success. Dubsmash videos are short yet entertaining.

It’s wicked, it’s off-beat and unlike the regular ‘picture-sharing’ apps which is why it’s very addictive. Download it, if you haven’t yet and get hooked to Dubsmash. Here are a few Dubsmash videos Techjuice found hilarious.











Download Dubsmash and make hilarious dubs videos yourself.

Written by Amna Mishal
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