22 Of The Best ChatGPT Chrome Extensions To Try

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Since the launch of chatGPT, it ahs taken the world by storm. It has revolutionized the digital marketing landscape. Here we are bringing 22 of the best chatGPT Chrome extensions to increase the benefits of chatGPT

Since its launch, it’s been a game-changer for the digital world. To completely utilize the the AI-powered chatbot,Chrome extensions are worth considering. Hence, it is quite challenging with the constant emergence of AI tools.


Why ChatGPT Chrome Extension?

Chrome extensions are user-friendly and perfect for sparking ideas or for brainstorming. If you want chatGPT to be your right hand you need to be vigilant while using it.

Though, by using chatGPT you can enhance your capabilities and productivity in less time frame.

ChatGPT For Google

ChatGPT for Google enable users to get the most perfect replies same as the search results from popular sear h engines like Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo

It gives you an advantage to chat with it and get the desired results. Moreover, it also features like a dark-mode, markdown rendering, custom trigger mode and code highlights.

In addition, it also supports GPT-4 and ChatGPT plus and offers a way to give feedback for further enhancements.

Web ChatGPT

Though, it is an advanced tool but still the biggest advantage associated is that it’s knowledge base is limited to 2021. Still, it’s not an issue, the chrome extension adds relevant web results to the prompts to make it more up-to-date and accurate.

Moreover, it enable users to get web results for their queries and extract webpage text from any URL. DuckDuckGo and an additional prompt templates are very useful in getting more precise search results from multiple websites


It is an active way to turn chatGPT into a voice assistant by letting it to receive input through a microphone.

To achieve the targeted results you just need to hold the spacebar, you can talk to voice assistant instead of typing. The feature will enable you to have faster and more fluid conversations that are not comparable with speed.

Moroever, it also allows customize language options in the right corner by clicking “Promptheus Options”. Indeed the extension will make your life easier, efficient and more engaging.


It helps to integrate chatGPT into Twitter to help you create well-considered tweets. In addition, it gives replies to others with thought-provoking responses.

It gives you an opportunity to create personalised tweets that resonate with your audience and spark engaging conversations.

You just need to choose your preferred topic, emotional tone, language, and TweetGPT will do the rest for you.

ChatGPT Writer

Using the chatGPT writer capabilities, you can easily write emails and messages on any website. This amazing extension only needs an OpenAI login to provide high-quality responses that very often outperform other tools.

The extension works on every Chromium-based browsers and support all languages.

ChatGPT For Chrome

It helps you enhancing your search experience by displaying chatGPT’s responses alongside search engine results from Bing, Google, and other search engines.

In addition, this amazing free and convenient extension allows you access chatGPT’s advanced AI capabilities directly from your Chrome browser.

The most amazing feature of this extension is easy understanding of code highlights, dark mode for comfortable viewing, and a clipboard copy option for pasting information some where else.


It is an AI-powered co pilot that enables you to simplify the online reading experience by integrating right into the browser window and recognizing all text types.

It reads complex parts and breaks them down for simpler understanding. Moreover, the extension’s features including Discover, Cross-checking, Summarize and Suggestions can transform how you read and explore information online.

In addition, it will help you comprehend difficult tasks easily, and Wiseone also verifies facts using various sources.


It is an amazing chatGPT extension that works amazingly across the browser. By clicking CMD+M, you can access chatGPT on any website from Google to Gmail or any.

It’s free to use and helps you save time with features like summarizing YouTube videos, generating email repsonses, and creating AI-driven social engagement on platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter.

ChatGPT Prompt Genius

It is an open source browser extension specifically designed to provide you an extensive library of prompts, customization, and additional features.

With this wonderful extension anyone can easily discover, share and import the the best prompts for chatGPT while syncing your chat history for searching.

It allows you to export your chats in different formats such as HTML, markdown, PNG or PDF and gives you a wonderful experience with customizable themes like cozy fireplace, SMS and hacker.

Moreover, it gives you an option bookmark the threads so that you can search through prompts and threads.

Engage AI

It is a Chrome extension specifically designed to write accurate LinkedIn comments, build relationships and develop connections with prospects.

The extension enables you to generate memorable ,authentic,insightful and authentic comments.

Moreover, it also provides variety of tone options including friendly, funny, disagree, congratulate, and question. These options will allow you to streamline your content base don the specific context.


It is the most powerful browser extension that brings all the amazing features of OpenAI directly to your browser.

You can operate chatGPT from the context menu and quickly access it through the navigation bar and get answers directly from search result pages.

YouTube And Articles

It is a free Chrome extension that harness the power of OpenAI. It offers you quick and accurate summaries of YouTube videos and articles across the web.

You just need to click the summary button on the thumbnail of the video and the quick summary will appear Infront of you.

Summary With ChatGPT

It is a versatile Chrome extension that uses OpenAI’s technology to provide clear and concise summaries of YouTube videos and articles.

It provides a wide range of features such as generating bullet points ,chatGPT prompts, chatGPT login and OpenAI API key.


It is a powerful Chrome extension that gives you a pleasure of AI – Assisted writing across various platforms like Gmail, Twitter,Helpscout, LinkedIn and other things.

This Chrome extension enables you to save your drafts and access your writing history within few clicks. It also offers multilingual support.


It is an advanced tool which enables you to talk and get these edited results. It provides an amazing experience of talking using your microphone,converts speech to text, and delivers AI generated responses audibly.

Talk to ChatGPT uses the speech recognition system and provides a fantastic way to simplify your experience.

Copy For ChatGPT

It provides a wonderful way to copy the repsonses ,allowing quick copying without manual highlighting.

In addition ,it provides keyboard shortcuts (CMD+K, CTRL+K) AMD even excite copied text through plagiarism detectors alerting you of any issues.

This gives you assurity that the copied content is easily accessible and safe to use.

Reader GPT

It is considered as life saver for managing your online reading. It generates summaries of any text-based webpage using ChatGPT to facilitate you get the gist of long articles or blog post.

The wonderful Chrome extension spend less time reading and spends more time focusing on the important points of any article.

YouTube Digest

It is an amazing extension that leverages ChatGPT AI to generate Summaries of YouTube videos using auto-generated transcriptions.

It provides you a wide array of selection from templates such as bullet points, paragraph summaries, or article-style overviews.

Moreover ,it also provides an option to export your summaries as PDF, DOCx, or plain text for easy sharing and reference. The extension provides an option to preview video content before committing to watching the entire video.

SuperPower ChatGPT

It adds numerous features in ChatGPT extension. It has an updated library of hundreds of prompts that help chatGPT act in different ways.

In addition, it offers chat Management features such as folders and reordering, auto-sync, pinned messages, and group deletion.

Prompt management includes input history, favourite prompts, search functions, and community prompts.

Share The ChatGPT Conversations

It is a life saver who really loves sharing chatGPT conversations. The feature allows you to quickly share your conversation with just a press of button.

It is an efficient way to share discussions without the hassle of exporting or taking screenshots

Team Smart AI

It offers a comprehensive collection of AI agents designed to help users in various ways.

Virtual agents have their speciality like Marc,or Rose as a mental coach. You can utilize with fully to boost your productivity and get help in different areas.

ChatGPT-3 For Gmail

It offer suggestions to complete the emails using AI. It Works efficiently with Gmail, and support all languages.

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