3 Galaxy S9’s features I hate the most

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Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ are already available for pre-orders in various markets including Pakistan. We don’t know who is to blame for this but you can’t believe me that the price is around $200 higher in Pakistan than internationally announced base price. And I think this is enough fatigue for many enthusiasts who are ready to buy their new Galaxy S9 despite those annoying features we will discuss below.

We earlier discussed some reasons that why we don’t recommend people to buy these new flagships at the time of launch and now we know more about the devices as reviews have started coming, hence this is a perfect time to talk negatively. Among all those blessings of S9 including an upgraded camera and premium design and display, there are some features that we believe are absolutely annoying.

1. Those creepy AR Emojis

Believe me, I’m not an iSheep, but Samsung’s AR Emoji really sucks. iPhone X‘s Animoji feature was also not a perfect one but it was quite a fun with all those viral memes. Samsung’s AR Emoji converts facial expressions into humanoid cartoons that can blink, look around, and smile, and looks quite similar to the 3D Bitmoji but somehow more creepy.

Samsung’s tech for AR Emoji is also quite different (or shall we say cheaper) than Apple’s iPhone X, as Apple uses true depth camera to take many data points of your face. Apple’s Animojis enables existing characters, like a lion or a pile of poop to copy user’s moves, thus sounds cooler. Well, Samsung’s version appears to be in a premature stage for an exceptional experience that we may have in upcoming phones.

2. The glass back is more exposed to fingerprints

Well if you want a dirty smartphone with fingerprints all over its glass body along with the oily body, go get your S9. The glass back easily collects fingerprints so it can start looking dirty. Almost all phones with fast wireless charging usually have glass backs, but a glass back also makes the phone easier to break, with a higher repair cost. However, if you are addicted to using a phone case, you will feel lucky to have premium design smartphone under protection.

3. That annoying Bixby button remains

Although there’s now an option to disable it, that troublesome Bixby button from Galaxy S8 still can’t be removed entirely in S9 too. The Bixby app (virtual assistant) has a number of updates, it’ll be able to count calories in food through photos and provide faster real-time translation, but what is the need of doing all that stuff when nobody cares about Bixby. And even that translation feature is powered by Google Translate, so how these updates will compel people to use Bixby. Most importantly, Samsung doesn’t allow users to reposition the Bixby button to the spot where thumb might naturally rest, and this doesn’t feel right at all.

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Written by Sajeel Syed
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